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Volunteer Stories

House of Hope began as an opportunity for me to come to Israel-Palestine and help out in the maintenance around the site. So often a person thinks of the good he can do and only near the end does he realizes  the benefits that he has gotten himself. There was and probably always will be a need for someone to do maintenance and repairs here at the house. Yet Pastor George did not limit me to just that, he integrated me into every aspect. I had the opportunity to spend much time with the clients of the home. I was able to establish good friendships with many of them. My eyes were opened to working side by side with people of Muslim faith, with Christians from a different culture, with people who have a heart for special needs individuals. In many ways I was integrated into a family from a different culture. Middle Eastern culture is different from Canadian culture in our actions toward each other, yet it is very close in terms of biblical practices. The guideline of "If God said it, that settles it" would be summation of the values here at House of Hope. It is encouraging to see the community working together to aid theses special needs individuals. I was introduces to LifeGate, LaFarge, Oasis, Love in Action, all organizations that work hand in hand with House of Hope. I will admit that my time here has stretched my comfort zone, but I have seen God build character in myself and those around me. I am thankful to House of Hope for allowing me to spend time here and even more thankful to the Lord for what He has taught me while I was here.




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Kyle Price

This is my second week volunteering at the House of Hope on a part-time basis, and so far I have been doing some much needed computer work here, but I have also been able to spend time with the children and adults. I was able to spend several hours with some of the adults during their free time. We put puzzles together-they love doing puzzles! One man, Amid, likes to joke with the unsuspecting: he puts his hand forth to be shaken, but when you reach to shake his hand, he withdraws it quickly and pretends like he was just itching his neck. I have been able to get him a few times with his own trick! He’s a good sport though! He laughs, shakes my hand in congratulations, and pats me on the shoulder.

Stephanie Bond

I arrived at House of Hope on 1st September just in time to start the new term and I hope to stay for a year. I instantly felt like a part of the family here. The staff are warm and welcoming and always so glad to see new volunteers. I work in the office in the morning where so far I have been working on revamping the Facebook page and website for House of Hope. There is always plenty of hustle and bustle and interesting things happening in the office. Then there are the children and adult residents. I help out in the girls’ flat. It has been wonderful to get to know them and they all have a great sense of humour, keeping me on my toes but laughing the whole time. It wasn’t long before they were calling me ‘Auntie’ and brushing my hair. I have been trying my best to learn phrases of Arabic with the help of the staff and adult residents who are only too happy to help and a lot of fun to be around.

Chris Renshaw

Hi. My name is Chris and I'm from Sheffield in England. I started working at House of Hope on 24th September and I plan to stay until 24th August. I have two roles here:

1. I am a Houseparent for the boys. I help with getting them up in the morning, washing and dressing, putting them to bed, preparing food, cleaning, accompanying them to church and so on. The Houseparents work shift paterns over the course of the week including night shifts.

2. I help out with administrative tasks most mornings, including looking for sponsors.  

 Faith Noregia

I have been volunteering part-time at House of Hope for 2 months. It has been so great and I have really enjoyed my time getting to know the children and people who work here. Volunteering here has been such a great experience. Each child has their own quirks and personalities and getting to know each one is so precious. They love to do activities and games. A week or so ago we had game time and they played until they tired themselves out. Then another resident told and story and after this each of the children prayed. It was such a fun time! I look forward to getting to know them more!





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