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Board of Directors

House is Hope is very fortunate to have these nine elected members

from the community who are responsible and people of integrity.

The Board meets at least four times a year and overseas and shapes all the policies of the House.

In its meeting the Board listens to reports on the different departments that include finances, the welfare of the residents, the staff and the general daily running of the House.

The Board is responsible for the properties and all furniture.

In order to get things done the Board assigns committees to do different functions.

 A message from the Director

Dear Supporters,

On behalf of the board of directors, I greet you all from the birth place of our lord Jesus Christ.

We sincerely appreciate your love and support to the House of Hope.  It is great to see this home that cares for these marginalized children. By the grace of our beloved Savior and the love and prayers of His faithful people, the house of hope is doing well.

Our prayers that we together can continue faithfully serving those whom are neglected. The Lord said "Let the children come unto me for theirs is the Kingdom of God.

With love

Pastor George Awad

Dear friends and supporters of House of Hope, May 11, 2018 House of Hope's General Assembly members elected new board members for the next three years, we thank the old board members for their dedication and devotion to HoH and wish them good health and happiness. We also wish the new board members all the needed success and ability to serve the Lord through serving the House of Hope in the best way they can for the next three years. The board members:

Ziyad Bannoura : Chairman

Manuel M Abuali II : Vice Chairman

Oudeh Khalilieh: Treasurer

Atallah Esawi: Secretary 

Nizar Arja: Member

Khader (George) Abdo: Member

Yousef Salti: Member

Rima Araj: Member

Georgait Qassis: Member

Congratulation all.







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